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SB-1500 is a product of Tideland’s continued development of higher performance, low maintenance, cost-effective multi-purpose buoys for use in all marine environments. The unique design of this buoy allows it to be deployed in a wide variety of applications that include shallow water, channel edges, rivers up to 6 knots current, deep harbours and fast current tidal zones.

Diameter:  1.5m


UV-Stablised Polyethylene
Rotationally moulded to form a seamless body, 9.5mm thick, able to withstand knocks and/or collision. Through a unique mould design and a controlled process, an increased thickness is formed at major stress points. This rugged material is abrasion resistant and repels marine growth, eliminating costly sandblasting and painting.

Long-Term Strength
SB-1500 is quipped with a galvanised steel mooring and lifting eye and the complete assembly is removable for inspection. SB-1500 buoy is EPS foam filled to prevent significant water ingress in event of a puncture. As with all Sentinel® buoys, minor punctures are on-station repairable.

SB-1500 is ideal for use in currents up to 6 knots. The unique keel and hull system with 160kg (350lb) of internal ballast keeps the buoy stable, upright and tracking.

Matching or Alternating Colours
SB-1500 is available in all recommended IALA colours, including cardinal and bifurcation markings, with optional IALA recommended topmarks and daymarks.

Optional Equipment

  • Internal radar reflector
  • Repair equipment
  • 4” Lifting eye

Optional LED Marine Lanterns

  • SB-1500 can be equipped with a range of Tideland self contained lanterns, which are maintenance-free and utilise LED technology, high performance solar modules and high-grade batteries
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