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Our Background

​Giga Systems provides high quality solutions to different types of fields. We formed a team from the best technology and service professionals in the market with a total of over 100 years of experience in Egypt and other countries as Giga Systems strategy is to educate and update the targeted customers with the latest technologies from an accurate selection of world leader manufacturers and suppliers in high technology equipment markets.

 Giga Systems provide different services and products to clients in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, such as instrumentation, controls, design, application assistance, technical support, and after sales services & calibration. If you would like a product demonstration, a formal quotation, or if you have specific application questions.

Water Quality Sensors – Buoys and Floating Platforms – Drinking Water Distribution Monitoring – Handheld Water Multiparameter Instruments – Laboratory Products – Level Scout – Level and Depth Measurements – Data Acquisition Systems and Services – DO meter – EC meter – PH meter – Dissolved Oxygen – Water Electrical Conductivity – Meteorological Systems – Photometers – Software for Water Quality Analysis – Nutrient Analyzers – Water Vertical Profiling Systems.

3D Acoustic Doppler Water Current Meter (Argonaut) – Mooring Deployment – Side-Looker water River velocity meter – Shallow Water Open Channel Discharge meter – Oceans Acoustic Doppler Water Velocity Meter Accurate WAVE, TIDE and CURRENT coastal measurements – Handheld and laboratory – Velocity Meter (FlowTracker) Acoustic Doppler current Profiler (ADP / ADCP ) – River Surveyor.

Airflow Measurement – Calibration Equipment – Calibration Services – Data Comm. & RF Testers – Electrical Test – Electronic Test – Flow meters and Flow Sensors – Gas & Environmental – Gas Analysis HVAC-R – Humidity & Moisture Level Controls – Light & Sound Meters – Motor & Pump Physical Dimensions & Thickness meter – Pressure Measurement – Processes & Controls – Recorders & Data Acquisition – Safety Product Scales & Balances – Speed Measurement Temperature Thermometers – Vibration & Leak Detection – Water Quality Equipment Weather Instruments.

Natural Gas Network Components – Gas Reduction Regulators – Oil Pipe Accessories – Cathodic Protection Systems, Gas Leak Detectors – Oil and Gas Pipe Spare Parts.

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Our Mission

We at Giga Systems aim to represent the world's #1 companies in their respective fields of advanced service solutions and help them grow in Egypt and the region.

Our Vision

Giga systems delivers customer satisfaction and long term relationships with their customers and suppliers through providing stellar pre- and post-sales services including installation, training and maintenance.

Our Values

Develop people.
Satisfying customers.
Foster relationships with customers & suppliers.
Be Environmental friendly.

Our Strategies

 Stimulate future organizational growth.
 Enhance long-term activities through gradual expansion on a more global scale.
 Build partnerships with key customers, both in business-to-business and business-to-customers areas.
 Increase profitability through reallocation of capital towards opportunities offering higher returns.
 Drive productivity through the installation of the latest technological know-how and improving the working conditions, which would lead to increase in the marginal productivity of labor.


 Oil and Gas Companies.
 Electricity and Power Companies.
 Research Centers and Institutes.
 Military and Production Planets.
 Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency.
 Industrial Areas and Private Factories.
 Universities and Educational organizations.
 Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources.
 Communication Operators and Services Providers.

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Giga Systems was established in 2004 by two engineers as partners Eng. Ibrahim Eita & Eng. Ahmed Nour as a manufacturers' representative company supplying high quality equipment and latest technologies for industrial, environmental research and educational fields. Since then Giga Systems has been constantly working on adding world class suppliers to expand territories and better serve our customers and country. Giga Systems sincerely work with alliances in different regions and fields to reach a mutual benefit to continually expand businesses. We dedicate and support the valuable activity of our community and conserve our enviroment. Giga Systems ensures that customers get the latest pioneer technology, solution and use the most advanced products. We serve both private and government clients with our expertise, experience and upmost professionalism. We believe that our customers are the foundation of our business, therefore, we have to reward them with the highest quality of service to meet their expectations. Here at Giga Systems we place high responsibility on our employees that they will be treated equally with their team members assuring them their job security and reasonable return. Giga Systems encourages their employees to get training to get higher in the company hierarchy and reach top positions. Giga systems takes pride in the breadth, depth, scope and quality of the products that we offer, as well as the speed and accuracy with which we deliver these products.

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