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Giga Systems is a Manufacturer’s Representative Supplying Quality Professional Equipment and Solutions for environmental, research, educational , and industrial fields.
Giga Systems provide different services and products to clients in Egypt, Middle East, and Africa like : Water Quality Monitoring Systems, Water Level Meters and Dataloggers, Environmental Monitoring Systems, Oil And Gas Instrumentation, Gas Leak Detectors, Weather Stations and Air Quality Equipment, Hydro Surveying Systems, Renewable Energy Monitoring Systems Oceanographic Monitoring Systems, Wave, Velocity Meters, Wave and Tidal Measurements, Acoustic Doppler Profilers, River Surveyor Systems, Water Current Meters, Open Channel Flow Meters, Soil and Water Quality Meters Telecommunication , IT, and Telemetry Systems, Multi Beam Echo Sounders, Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) & (VTS), Safe Navigation instrumentation, Doing Consultancy, Total Solutions And Related Services for the same fields.

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Water Quality Monitoring Systems




The name is new, but we have the legacy.
We are a group of motivated individuals who look to market high-tech equipment and work on big scale projects in Egypt.
Our team members are former staff of high-tech companies who look to use their past experiences and references of a combined sum of 100+ years of experience to best serve our customers.

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