dB Hart

dB Hart

The dBi HART series is a range of self-contained, intelligent, non-contacting, ultrasonic level measurement transducers, which take advantage of HART communication protocols which makes plant integration simple. The transducers can be programmed as stand-alone devices, using HART as the mechanism for data collection, via the dBi HART PC interface.

To add to the dBi’s capabilities, Pulsar Measurement also offers a Device Type Manager (DTM) meaning that users can communicate with the dBi HART Transducers using FDT framework applications such as PACTware. Benefitting from world-leading DATEM technology, the transducer is able to zero in on the echo from the true target, ignoring the stationary echoes from other elements in the measurement path; eliminating the commonly seen loss of echo problem.

Spec: Description:
Measurement Range: 125 mm to 15 m (4.9 in to 49.2 ft)
Sensor Body Material  Valox 357 PBT
Mounting Connection  BSP or 1 in NPT
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C (-40 °F to +176 °F)
Input Voltage Range 0-28 V DC
Output 4-20mA output, resolution 1μa
Current Consumption 3.8-22mA
Boot-Time From power-up to stable reading:
Cold boot = 9 seconds,
Warm boot (within 12 hrs from the last start-up) = 4 seconds
Communication Protocol HART 7

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