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DPD Chlor-Analyzer Chlorine 3017M

DPD Chlor-Analyzer Chlorine 3017M

Chlorine 3017M - photometric analyzer with large measuring range and a high resolution for free and total chlorine with the DPD method according to the ISO and US EPA.

WTW’s 3017M DPD online chlorine analyzer continuously monitors free or total chlorine in drinking water or wastewater
applications using the EPA approved DPD colorimetric method.
• Accurate and reliable - Measures free or total chlorine in drinking water or municipal wastewater final effluent using the DPD colorimetric method. This highly accurate method of analysis provides reliable data for process optimization and reporting.
• Low maintenance – Flow Injection Analysis simplifies maintenance and saves you time. Simplified tubing and low reagent use reduces the frequency of instrument maintenance.
• Factory calibrated – Eliminates the need for regular calibration.
• ISO and EPA compliant – The 3017M measurement method conforms with standard method 4500-CL-G, ISO method 7393-2 and the US EPA method 334.0, which makes it suitable for drinking water permit reporting in many countries worldwide.
The 3017M is compliant with US EPA regulations 40 CFR 141.74 (drinkingwater) and 40 CFR 136.3 (wastewater).

Its high resolution allows the analyzer to deliver accurate measurements across its measuring range. The data can be transferred out via a 4 … 20 mA as well as via an RS485 MODBUS interface. The reagent switch is easy and quick, as the dry reagents are delivered in a container and only need to be filled with water to the mark.

  • Specs

    Accuracy ±0.03 mg/l or ±5%, whichever is greater
    Light Source Class 1 LED; wavelength centered at 525 nm
    Limit of detection (LOD) 0.03 mg/l
    Maintenance <15 minutes per month to exchange reagents
    Measurement Interval Programmable; 2.5 ... 60 minutes
    Measurement Range 0 ... 5 mg/l free or total chlorine, reagent dependent
    Reagent Consumption ~30 days per bottle at a 2.5 minute measurement interval
    Sample Flow Rate 50 ... 1,000 ml/min when using Sample Inlet Device
    Sample Temperature Range 5 ... 45 °C (41 ... 113 °F)
    Unattended Runtime > 30 days
    Communication Capabilities RS-485 Modbus or 4-20 mA output
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