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SeaBeacon® 2 System 6, a frequency agile radar beacon (racon), has provided dependable service to all marine radars, including those with modern narrow band receivers. e-NAVCON combines the SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 with an in-built AIS AtoN transponder to provide the mariner with two forms of electronic signatures, one of which is independent of the GPS network increasing accuracy and redundancy.





  • Combined AIS and Radar transponder in one package; no possibility of interference between different manufacturers equipment.
  • No outside antenna cabling, eliminating potential connection problems.
  • Single or dual power supply options providing additional redundancy.
  • Designed and built in USA; your passport to reliability and customer service.

AIS message 21
Provides vessels with an AIS message which will be displayed on their AIS display system.

Greater radar operational range
e-NAVCON provides improvements in receiver dynamic range, receiver sensitivity, power consumption and transmitter power.

Available with or without pressurisation
e-NAVCON is available with or without pressurisation. Pressurising racons with nitrogen provides added protection against the corrosive marine environment. Only racons with exceptional sealing capability are capable of offering this feature.

Proportional scaling
Ensures length of racon trace appearing on the radar screen is generally uniform on all range settings.

FCC approved November 2016.



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