PulsarPoint 300

PulsarPoint 300

The PulsarPoint 300 series provides effective management of material storage and flow, empty vessels, clogged or blocked chutes or conveyors, and provides prevention of overflows. The ideal applications for this product are usually found in food and beverage, animal feed, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, quarrying, power generation, cement, and other industrial-like industries. They are perfect for those applications that require accurate level measurement of solids.

The PulsarPoint 300 series uses a rotating paddle, the paddle's rotation is interrupted when the material reaches the paddle, causing a clutch to disengage the motor. This in turn actuates a relay allowing an alarm signal to be switched. The product is fully configurable and can be used to signify high, intermediate, or low-level material.

Spec: Description:
Voltage (5 versions) 240 V AC, 110 V AC, 48 V AC, 24 V AC 50/60 Hz, 24V DC (Universal Voltage option)
Installed Load 3 VA
Switched Output  Max. load 250 V AC, 2 A, 500 VA or 300 V DC, 2 A, 60 W

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