Ultimate Controller

Ultimate Controller

The Ultimate Controller is your ‘one-stop solution’ for small pump station control. The Ultimate is a control system that combines ultrasonic level, flow measurement, RTU, and advanced pump control in one economic, easily programmed, modular unit with a dedicated web server remote control and touchscreen HMI with integrated WITS protocol. This unit is modular and expandable, with peripherals offering unlimited I/O, pump power monitoring, and even a remote infra-red camera allowing real-time viewing of your application. The Ultimate Controller is designed to offer the end-user end to end and operational cost savings by high energy cost avoidance, pre-blockage detection, automatic resets, and the selection of the most efficient pump. Capital cost saving by combining HMI, PLC, RTU, and level control with no costly logic programming.


Spec: Description:
Weight Nominal 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Cable entry detail 11 total; 9 x M20 and 2 x M16 knockout underside
Connectivity Mini USB (external), USB A Socket (internal), 'D' type 9 pin (internal), Camera Port (internal)
Protocol Supported DNP3 Level 4, WITS Protocol 1.1 via Ethernet or mode (optional) Modbus RTU, TCP/IP (optional), Profibus V1 (optional), GSM/GPRS/PSTN, RS485 Pulsar expansion bus
Digital Inputs 8 digital inputs, min input voltage 5 V DC, max input voltage, 30 V AC (max current 3 mA). 24 V DC input supply maximum total current 24 mA
Digtal Outputs 8 form C (SPDT), rated at 5 A at 240 V AC

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