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WindObserver 90

WindObserver 90

The WindObserver 90 has been developed for measuring the highest wind speeds in extreme weather environments such as typhoons and hurricanes and is available with optional heating. The sensor provides data via RS422/RS485 bidirectional link, which allows several units to be networked together and data logged on demand.

With innovative transducer design, this anemometer boasts a very high wind speed range of 0 – 90 m/s (0-201mph) and gives an output status indicating the validity of data, so that you can be confident that the instrument is providing accurate information. With an IP66 rated stainless steel construction, this anemometer meets the stringent performance criteria specified by wind turbine manufacturers, airports, marine, oil and gas production, and meteorological organisations around the world.

Below is an example of the excellent performance of the WO90 sensor as recently tested in the independent third party Deutsche WindGuard high speed tunnel in Bremerhaven, Germany. The graph shows the tunnel speed with some minor variations around 90 m/s with the WO90 producing very accurate data at this speed with errors no larger than +/- 2 m/s (roughly 2%) at this new benchmark for high speed wind sensing.


Key Features


  • Heating power 7A @ 24VAC or DC (1W/cm²)
  • IP66 rated stainless steel housing
  • 0-90m/s wind speed range
  • Connector or cable exit options
  • 0-359° wind direction range (no dead band)
  • Optional customer base mounts
  • Calibration traceable to national standards


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